Why are we doing this?

Melinda and I thought it would be worth mentioning to interested parties why we are pursuing our goal of Running the entire 490 mile Colorado Trail in 18 days.  And we also thought a question/answer format might be a good way of explaining our motivation for this project. So here goes. . .

Q: What would the overwhelming majority of adults want to do if they had the time/means/energy?

A: We believe they would want to bring their idealized worldview to life. In other words, create a world that reflects their most precious values.

Running the entire Colorado Trail in 18 days is our way of bringing our idealized worldview to life including these precious values: (1) Our love of new adventures (2) Challenging ourselves physically to improve our overall health, (3) Immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature, and  (4) Helping children in general and our daughter in particular live better lives.  

We hope that one or more of these values resonates with you, and that you will consider contributing financial support that will help our daughter’s school and/or children in the Grand Valley. If so, please read on to find out about how your financial backing will go to support two local programs for kids in the Grand Valley: the Intermountain Adventist Academy and the Kid’s Aid Backpack Program.

Meet Melinda

Melinda McCaw started her career in graphic design and photography. As opportunities opened up in web development she began designing websites. To add to her professional breadth, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media from the Colorado Institute of Art. The professional background and skillsets Melinda has developed has made it possible for her to expand her professional horizons as she continues to bring the latest technologies to her clients as a Colorado-based professional web designer.

Melinda has traveled the Colorado Trail by foot and bicycle three times. She regularly backpacks with her husband, Doug, and 8-year-old daughter when not otherwise occupied with downhill mountain biking, trail running, or skiing in the Colorado Mountains.

Melinda’s Hobbies: Trail Running, Mt. Biking, Downhill Mt. Biking, Skiing, Backpacking, Landscape Photography

Photo by Matt Janson Photography
Photo by Matt Janson Photography
Photo by Matt Janson Photography

Meet Doug

Doug has a love of adventure that stems from his desire to experience the new and ever more challenging in life. Experiences that push him to the limit of his physical and mental resources while wondering:  “Do I have what it takes to do this?” By training his mind and body to learn from each experience he is able to extend himself while transforming the previously impossible to the possible, and finally to the tangible and achievable. This outlook has served him well in his life’s challenges and among other things helped him recover physically from a serious car accident to the level of fitness he enjoyed prior to the accident.

Doug has traveled the Colorado Trail by foot and bicycle three times. In addition to enjoying physical challenges, he is a devoted husband and father and is as passionate about helping kids as he is about challenging his physical and mental limits.

Doug’s Hobbies: Skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, trail running.