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Our training for the 18 day 2020 Colorado Trail Challenge

Training Run – July 14, 2020

This morning’s run was my last training run before we leave to run the Colorado Trail!! Woo Hoo!!! No pain either! Mel’s run stats: Distance: 6.15 miles Time: 1:00:09 Elevation Gain: 404 feet Average Pace: 9:47/mile Distance run in the last 7 days: 35.3 miles

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Training Run – July 11, 2020

This morning we got out in the cool of the morning just after 6:30 for our run. It was exciting for Melinda since she had been cleared by her PT to try a 13 mile run. We are happy to report that there was no glute pain during this run and hip soreness was very minimal!! The run was great and we felt good during it and didn’t feel overly tired or sore afterwards! We are very excited to get…

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Training – July 10, 2020

This morning we both woke up tired after last night’s 9 mile run and staying up too late because of it to recover and stretch. Melinda got out for a mountain bike ride however Doug had an early meeting so he didn’t get out to exercise. Mel was feeling tired and it took most of the ride to warm up and start to feel good on the bike. Mel’s ride stats: Distance: 7.64 miles Time: 53:16 Elevation Gain: 436 feet…

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Training – July 9, 2020

This morning Mel rode in the morning and Doug went for a run. At her PT appointment Mel was cleared to run 9 miles today and 13 over the weekend!!! We got out tonight with the headlamps and our new bigger packs for a night run tonight! It was a hard run and we both were dissapointed in how the new pack carried. It bounces and we both had sore spines afterword. Mel’s ride stats: Distance: 8.64 miles Time: 56:52…

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Training – July 7, 2020

This morning Doug and I both got out for a run at different times. Once again I didn’t experience and hip or glute pain on my run! After my run I went out for a mountain bike ride as well! Let’s do this! Mel’s run stats: Distance: 7.5 miles Time: 1:14:57 Elevation Gain: 656 feet Average Pace: 9:59/mile Distance run in the last 7 days: 21.8 miles   Mel’s ride stats: Distance: 8.5 miles Time: 1:10:00 ish – my watch…

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Training – July 6, 2020

This morning I got out for a mountain bike ride before it got too hot. It was fun to see a friend out on the trail. We stopped to chat for a few minutes before heading our own way. The ride was great and I spotted a painted rock in the middle of the ride. I left it for others to enjoy. It’s pictured below. Mel’s ride stats: Distance: 8.58 miles Time: 1:21:27 Elevation Gain: 702 feet Average Pace: 6.3…

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Training Run – July 5, 2020

This morning I got out for a 7 mile run no walking! The run was great and I’m happy because I didn’t have any hip or glute pain during my run! Mel’s run stats: Distance: 7.33 miles Time: 1:10:53 Elevation Gain: 436 feet Average Pace: 9:40/mile

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San Juan Hike – July 4, 2020

This morning Doug and I got out for a hike on the Colorado Trail before heading off to explore access to Bolam Pass. It was so beautiful. The wildflowers are in bloom! Today’s hike stats: Distance: 3.53 miles Time: 1:30:07 Elevation Gain: 1,062 feet Average Pace: 25:31/mile Photos from the hike

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Training – July 3, 2020

This morning I got out for a mountain bike ride at sunrise before we set off to explore trail access points for support and video crew as we trail run the Colorado Trail. About 5:30 pm we headed out for a trail run on a trail that intersects the Colorado Trail. It looked like it might rain so we packed our rain gear. It was a great choice! We got caught in a rainstorm up on the CT and thoroughly…

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Training – July 2, 2020

This morning Doug got out for a run while Melinda did a mountain bike ride. Mel’s ride stats: Distance: 8.54 miles Time: 1:05:34 Elevation Gain: 666 feet Average Pace: 7.8 mph Distance run in the last 7 days: 34.5 miles   Mel’s aqua jogging stats: Distance: 1,000 yd. Time: 1:00:08   Mel’s arc trainer stats: Time: 1:00:00

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