April 21, 2020 – Training Run

Today's run was the 8th day that we've run in a row. The hardest part to training is just getting out of your house and starting the activity you will be doing for your training. Once you've started it's not so bad. This was definitely the case for me today. I was feeling tired and not terribly excited about running 8 miles. I got passed the "I want to BUT..." excuse and got out today! I'm glad I did. It was the best run I've had in a few days. I've been struggling with both of my hips being really sore during my runs. Today I'm happy to say my hips felt more "normal" than they have in about 3 months. The first 6 miles I had very little soreness and then the soreness came back. But I feel like I am making forward progress with the hip soreness issue!

Today's run stats:

Distance: 8.02 miles

Time: 1:29:48

Elevation Gain: 991 feet

Average Pace: 11:12/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 57.6 miles

DIstance run in the last 8 days: 65.71 miles

Melinda's Training Stats

Video from the Run

Photos from the Run