May 9 – Training Activities

Today we did a little bit of everything for our training; 2 runs a mountain bike ride and a hike. It was definitely a full day.

Today's stats:

Morning Run
Distance: 7.1 miles
Time: 1:03:28
Elevation Gain: 682 feet
Average Pace: 10:18/mile

Afternoon Ride
Distance: 7.1 miles
Time: 1:14:05
Elevation Gain: 417 feet
Average Pace: 5.1 mph

Afternoon Hike
Distance: 1.97 miles
Time: 1:08:02
Elevation Gain: 210 feet
Average Pace: 34:31/mile

Evening Run
Distance: 7.11 miles
Time: 1:18:01
Elevation Gain: 666 feet
Average Pace: 10:58/mile


Photos from the Day