Mel’s Training Ride – May 29, 2020

This morning I got out fairly early for my training ride. The heat is rising this week in Grand Junction and I've transitioned to morning training as much as possible to avoid the heat.

This morning was fun for me. I met with Scot our videographer this morning to do a few shots of me stretching and talking about the issues keeping me from running. Then we headed out with me riding and got some video of that as well. Upon finishing the video I continued on to finish my training ride.

It was especially great to catch up with Doug and Alison on their run this morning and ride with them for a while. Yes, you heard correctly. Our 9 year old daughter went running with Doug for 7 miles this morning. She did really well. I'm proud of her!

I am still not running and anxious to get back out there running. I've been doing the daily prescribed stretches and not running as advised. On Monday I see the Physical Therapist again. I hope the stretching really helps and I hope I can run again soon. For the moment and this weekend I will be mountain biking.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 13.31 miles

Time: 1:48:59

Elevation Gain: 1.073 feet

Average Pace: 7.3 mph

Distance run in the last 7 days: 99.9 miles