Training – July 9, 2020

This morning Mel rode in the morning and Doug went for a run. At her PT appointment Mel was cleared to run 9 miles today and 13 over the weekend!!!

We got out tonight with the headlamps and our new bigger packs for a night run tonight! It was a hard run and we both were dissapointed in how the new pack carried. It bounces and we both had sore spines afterword.

Mel's ride stats:

Distance: 8.64 miles

Time: 56:52

Elevation Gain: 597 feet

Average Pace: 9.1 mph

Distance ridden in the last 7 days: 24.7 miles


Doug & Mel's run stats:

Distance: 9.06 miles

Time: 1:50:18

Elevation Gain: 656 feet

Average Pace: 12:11/mile