Training Ride and Aqua Jog – June 13, 2020

This morning I got out fairly early for my mountain bike ride. To be honest I was feeling sorry for myself and wasn't excited to get out. I haven't run much in the last 24 days. In fact I think I've run a total of 3 days; this was part of the feeling sorry for myself. The other piece of it was I am missing training with Doug. With him out of commission for a while I'm feeling sad and upset that I don't have anyone to train with. That coupled with not being able to train as I want to has been hard for me.

This afternoon I went to the pool again and aqua jogged another 1,050 yds. It is a boring training activity however it does make me tired afterwards so I must be getting a workout from it. I just hope it's enough to get me to the finish of the CT succesfully. And I really hope I am able to run the CT as planned.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 15.56 miles

Time: 2:13:13

Elevation Gain: 1,158 feet

Average Pace: 7.0 mph

Distance run in the last 7 days: 66.7 miles


Today's aqua jog stats:

Distance: 1,050 yd.

Time: 1:00:49

Photos from training