Training Ride and Attempted Run – May 21, 2020

This morning I got out for a mountain bike ride which was really fun but it just doesn't feel like I am training as hard when I ride versus run. The left side glute/hamstring issue still persists and I am still very frustrated. As I sit around on my butt Doug keeps running 10 miles a day and I feel like I am losing ground and fitness while he continues to gain strength and endurance.

This afternoon I attempted a trail run however at 0.85 miles in I'd had enough and turned around to limp/run/walk back to the car in defeat.

When will this end? Will I get back to training soon enough to not lose all of the gains I have made in my training? Will I continue to have issue after issue? Will I have to run the entire trail in pain?

These are the questions that are running through my head on a daily basis currently.

I am trying to work through this using acupuncture, some chiropractic, stretching and massage. I sure hope that this resolves soon and no more issues come along.

For now I keep trying to do my stretching and massaging and get exercise on the mountain bike. I'm feeling stir crazy not running for 4 days now.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 6.18 miles

Time: 47:16

Elevation Gain: 413 feet

Average Pace: 7.8 mph


Today's attempted run stats:

Distance: 1.37 miles

Time: 18:30

Elevation Gain: 118 feet

Average Pace: 13:29/mile

Photos from the Run