Training Ride and more – June 5, 2020

Today at my PT appointment for the overuse injury to my left glute area I was released to do a couple flat walk/runs! I worked with Drew to increase my cadence when running and also worked on changing my arm swing. I tend to swing my left arm across my body and need to keep the swing straight.

To help me with my cadence I will be using a metronome on my runs as I work on changing my cadence.

This morning I got out for a short mountain bike ride. I saw 2 bull snakes on my ride, I very much dislike snakes even if they aren't poisonous. Luckily I didn't run over them this time. I've already run over 2 snakes this season. They seem to be a lot more prevalent this year than they were last year.

This afternoon I got out to  the CMU pool to do some aqua running. It was very strange to have to wear a mask to poolside and from poolside back to my car. When I arrived at the pool I discovered that they weren't allowing anyone to use the pool equipment like fins, kick boards or aqua running belts.

I decided I was going to aqua run anyways. WOW! Aqua running is so much harder when not wearing the belt. I did it though. I would aqua run one length of the pool, stop to catch my breath and then swim back. Then repeat. It was a hard workout much harder than my other aqua running workouts in the past. But I did it! I am officially tired.

Doug is doing okay and taking a few days off. Once he has a cast he will work back into his running training. In yesterday's tripping incident he hurt a toe as well. It is swollen and looks as if it is broken. Hopefully that will heal before our trip as well.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 4.75 miles

Time: 31:09

Elevation Gain: 328 feet

Average Pace: 9.1 mph

Distance ridden in the last 7 days: 85.6 miles


Today's aqua running stats:

Distance: 589 yards

Time: 41:26

Pace (min/100yd): 4:35