Training Ride – Elliptical Workout – June 9, 2020

This morning was chilly outside so I opted to run on the elliptical first while waiting for the weather to warm up. I ran on the elliptical for 44 minutes and then I felt a little bit of the pain in the left glute so I stopped.

Late afternoon after a very busy day of meetings and appointments I finally had time to ride my bike. I was able to get out for a ride while Doug and Ali made dinner! The ride was good and I returned home feeling great.

Today's elliptical stats:

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 44:00

Elevation Gain: 479 feet

Average Pace: 22:00/mile


Today's ride stats:

Distance: 6.54 miles

Time: 55:50

Elevation Gain: 522 feet

Pace: 7.0 mph