Training Ride – June 1, 2020

This morning was a tired ride. I felt tired from the mileage on the weekend and didn't push too hard. I also didn't try to get a lot of climbing in. The ride was just a ride, nothing exciting about it today. I finished feeling good.

Today was my 2nd appointment for physical therapy. We did more testing and it seems that my issue may be an issue of over use and a need to strengthen and activate the glute muscle.

I am not supposed to get back to running on the ground yet however I am supposed to start working out on an elliptical or adaptive motion trainer as well as aqua jogging. Ugh... aqua jogging and indoor trainers. Not my favorite. After 2 weeks of not running though I am excited to do something to train besides riding my bike. I am also supposed to continue the stretching and do 3 exercises to strengthen and activate the glutes everyday.

I am headed to the local gym this afternoon to see if they will let me use the facilities for the next 4-6 weeks as I train for the trail run.

After today's appointment I am hopeful that I will recover soon and be back running on the trails before I know it!

There is light at the end of this tunnel of issues after all.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 10.46 miles

Time: 1:26:39

Elevation Gain: 741 feet

Average Pace: 7.2 mph

Distance ridden in the last 7 days: 108.2 miles

Photos from the ride