Training Ride – June 23, 2020

This morning I got out for a mountain bike ride. It was nice and cool when I left and about 75 degrees when I finished. I love getting out early when it is cooler. Today's ride was fun and I saw 2 friends out on the trail as well. It was fun to stop and visit with them!

My plan is to get to the gym to use the elliptical later this morning and maybe follow that up with some aqua jogging.

This afternoon I got to the gym to run on the elliptical followed by 21 minutes of aqua jogging. All in all it was a good day of training.


Today's ride stats:

Distance: 9.53 miles

Time: 1:31:26

Elevation Gain: 833 feet

Average Pace: 6.3 mph

Distance run in the last 7 days: 17.5 miles


Today's elliptical stats:

Time: 46:04


Today's aqua jog stats:

Distance: 400 yd.

Time: 21:12

Photo from the ride