Training Ride and X-Rays – June 4, 2020

This morning is one to remember. It all started out like any other morning. Got up at 5:30. Left the house a little after 6:00 for my training ride. Arrived home upon finishing my ride. Checked emails before doing the my stretching routine.


Doug called as I was checking email. That's strange I thought. I wonder if something happened? Doug doesn't call me when out for his runs.

"Can you come pick me up at the top of Easter Hill?" was his question. "Sure, are you okay?" I answered. "I fell, it's my wrist." he replied.

My mind suddenly started racing with questions. How bad is it? Will this affect our trail run of the Colorado Trail negatively? Will we have to cancel our plans?

Quickly I grabbed keys to the 4-Runner and let our daughter know I would be back, that I had to go pick up daddy.

Arriving at the top of Easter I realized it was a little more on the serious side. Not just a slight sprain or cuts and scratches. Our good friend David was with Doug creating a splint on his wrist using a stick of wood and some contractor tape he'd found at the trailhead. Doug was sitting on the ground, bloody knee and very swollen protruded looking wrist. A gentlemen just leaving the trail had stopped to ask if we needed his help.

Getting the splint put together Doug got up to get into the 4-Runner. He was very wobbly; almost passing out. Our friend and the helpful stranger held him up helping him into our vehicle. We were off to the urgent care office.

Long story short Doug has a hairline fracture of his right wrist. He will need to rest a little and recover. We still plan to trail run the Colorado Trail and haven't changed our plans at all.

After our long day I got out to the gym for some more cardio/run training. I was able to use the elliptical for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of aqua jogging.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 7.03 miles

Time: 56:41

Elevation Gain: 597 feet

Average Pace: 7.4 mph

Distance run in the last 7 days: 94.2 miles


Today's elliptical stats:

Distance: 1.24 miles

Time: 30:57

Average Pace: 24:18


Today's aqua jogging stats:

Distance: 456 yards

Time: 30:57

Elevation Gain: 597 feet

Pace (min. per 100 yd): 3:53

Photos from the morning