Training Ride – May 19, 2020

Today I (Melinda) got out for a mountain bike ride instead of a run. I'm in a place of frustration in the last week. It started last Tuesday after my morning run. I was doing my post run stretching and noticed both my Achilles tendons felt sore. The rest of the day they were both really sore.

I was able to get help from my accupuncture practictioner the following Thursday and also was able to get Doug to massage my calves every night. I'm happy to say the Achilles tendons are doing better.

While the Achilles were not feeling great I began to notice what felt like a pinched nerve or something out of play that Wednesday. At first it wasn't that bad and I continued to run 10 miles each day last week. Then on Saturday I increase mileage to 17 miles and on Sunday the plan was 19-20 miles.

Of course my body had other plans. The pinched nerve feeling was a lot worse than it had been. I got to about 10 miles into my run on Sunday and decided to head home and end the run at 12 miles. It was painful to run, I was grimacing. The rest of Sunday I limped around the house.

Today is Tuesday and I haven't run for 2 days now. I'm starting to go a little stir crazy.

And this is my reason for the frustration.

Today's run stats:

Distance: 11.09 miles

Time: 1:39:36

Elevation Gain: 1,089 feet

Average Pace: 6.7 mph


Photos from the Run