Training Ride – May 20, 2020

I still have the pinched nerve or something going on and yet again I didn't run today. I am really wishing I could get out for a run. At this time I haven't run for 3 days now and I'm really anxious to get back out on the trails to run.

Luckily it doesn't hurt to mountain bike so I am happy that I am at least still able to get out for exercise and fun. I was also able to do a strength workout this morning so that was good.

On today's ride I decided to do a Facebook live update on my training as I was riding. Funny thing happened while I was doing this. I ran over a really big bull snake. At about 4 minutes into my live you hear me exclaim that I ran over a snake. It's kind of funny. I've uploaded it to this page so you can listen to it.

I'm headed to a chiropractic appointment in a few minutes. I'm hopeful it will resolve the issue so I can run again tomorrow!

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 7.21 miles

Time: 55:10

Elevation Gain: 600 feet

Average Pace: 7.8 mph


Photos from the Ride