Training Ride – May 23, 2020

Melinda's Ride

This morning I got out for a training ride. Since I am not currently able to run while my glute issue heals I've decided to transition to biking since it doesn't hurt when I'm riding. My goal was to ride for at least 3 hours.

Earlier this week I had vented to our coach about how frustrated I was not being able to run for my training. Today he shared his thoughts with me in regards to my frustration and not letting your 'but' get in the way of achieving your goals. It was a great reminder of how this all started and a wake up call that just because I can't do my normal training doesn't mean I can't train to accomplish my goal. Thanks for that reminder Allen!

My ride was a good ride and definitely gave me the exercise I was seeking that made me feel tired. It was really great to get out and work hard; feel like I had done something during my workout. I'm not sure how long it will take to heal and get back to running again. I can't wait to run again and in the meantime I  plan to take advantage of the other training that I am able to do.

I have no plans to fail to accomplish our goal. I only plan to achieve this goal while helping kids at the same time!

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 21.06 miles

Time: 3:18:03

Elevation Gain: 2,182 feet

Average Pace: 6.4 mph

Photos from the Ride