Training Ride – May 24, 2020

This morning I went for a mountain bike ride from the house. The intent was to ride for at least 3 hours and to do 3 hill repeats on the Tabaguache Trail. The section of trail I did hill repeats on is 1.1 miles long and slightly less than 500 feet of elevation gain.

As I was riding to the Lunch Loops trail system I had the awesome surprise of running into my good friend Elisa out for a mountain bike ride. So I rode with Elisa at the Water Tower Trails first and then continued to Lunch Loops to do my hill repeats. It was so awesome to have someone to ride with!

At the Lunch Loops I ran into my friend Brian. It was fun to chat before I started my hill repeats. I did my hill repeats and I ended up doing 4 instead of 3! Then I headed home.

On my way home I ran into my friends Jaime and David out for a trail run. We stopped to chat for a while and during our conversation my husband Doug texted David with a picture of Doug and his cut and bruised face. Come to find out Doug had tripped on a rock on his trail run and did a face plant.

I finished out my ride to find Doug at home nursing his wounds with an ice pack of peas on his face.

It was definitely a great ride and fun to see friends along the way!

All in all a good training day and fun! I'm tired.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 24.02 miles

Time: 4:10:16

Elevation Gain: 3,179 feet

Average Pace: 5.8 mph

Distance rode in the last 7 days: 80.6 miles

Distance run (if you can call it running) in the last 7 days: 3.2 miles

Photos from the Ride