Training Ride/Run – June 29, 2020

This morning I got out for a mountain bike ride and Doug got out for a run. I could feel my sore quads this morning after running 7 miles down Tin Cup Pass yesterday and I felt a little slow and tired. Overall I had a good training ride.


Doug's run stats:

Distance: 4.14 miles

Time: 37:05

Elevation Gain: 289 feet

Average Pace: 8:57


Mel's ride stats:

Distance: 8.51 miles

Time: 1:10:41

Elevation Gain: 692 feet

Average Pace: 7.2 mph

Distance run in the last 7 days: 32.1 miles


Mel's aqua jogging stats:

Distance: 1,000 yd.

Time: 1:01:06


Mel's arc trainer stats:

Time: 1:01:08