Training Ride / Test Run – May 26, 2020

This morning I got to ride with my good friend Elisa. The morning was beautiful and it was so awesome to have someone to ride with! I'm trying to focus on the type of training I can do right now and not dwell on the fact that I can't run right now. I am finding that not focusing on this is very hard.

This afternoon as my leg was feeling better while walking I decided to test out the leg on a run. I was 1/3 of a mile into the run and started to feel the pain come back. I made it a mile before I quit. It's definitely not ready to run unfortunately.

Today's ride stats:

Distance: 11.02 miles

Time: 1:36:10

Elevation Gain: 860 feet

Average Pace: 6.9 mph

Distance ridden in the last 7 days: 91 miles


Today's run stats:

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 9:34

Elevation Gain: 36 feet

Average Pace: 9:35/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 3.4 miles

Photos from the Ride