Training Run – June 28, 2020

Today we did something out of the ordinary which was really fun. We drove over Tin Cup Pass to check out a trail access point on the Colorado Trail. On the way up the pass Doug did his run and on the way down I ran. It was a really fun day. The really fun part for me was 4-wheeling up and over Tin Cup Pass. I drove all of it technical sections included!

Doug's run stats:

Distance: 6.29 miles

Time: 1:20:09

Elevation Gain: 1,716 feet

Average Pace: 12:45/mile


Mel's run stats:

Distance: 7.01 miles

Time: 1:16:48

Elevation Gain: 52 feet

Average Pace: 10:57/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 32 miles

Photos from the Run