Training Run – May 1, 2020

Today was the 18th day in a row that we have gone for a run! We are taking tomorrow off from running and then we will be back at it on Sunday with a big 12 mile run.

We started our run a bit late today at around 7 pm. The route we chose was a breath of fresh air, something different than what we had been running. As you will see from the images below it is a very beautiful area.

The run was a challenging one and I am pleased that I had a strong run today to finish out our 18 days in a row!

Today's run stats:

Distance: 8.31 miles

Time: 1:51:10

Elevation Gain: 1,194 feet

Average Pace: 13:23/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 61 miles

Distance run in the last 18 days: 153.86 miles

Photos from the Run