Training Runs – April 28, 2020

Today we added hypoxic training to our regimen and we also did a 2 a day. We ran in the morning and again after work in the evening. The hypoxic training is to help us get ready for the altitude while not at altitude for training. The 2 a day is to help us get used to running multiple times a day in case that happens on the trip.

Today's run stats:

Distance: 9.47 miles

Morning: 30:17
Evening: 1:07:53

Elevation Gain:
Morning: 98 feet
Evening: 577feet

Average Pace:
Morning: 9:41/mile
Evening: 10:43/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 61.2 miles

Distance run in the last 15 days: 127.23 miles

Photos from the Run