Training Runs – May 5, 2020

Today was a 2 a day training regimen with hypoxic training. We ran this morning and this evening.

On our run this morning we did hypoxic training for 3 miles. Hypoxic training means that you hold your breath while running then you breathe while running and repeat.

For example I start by running 6 steps while breathing and making sure that on my 6th step I breathe in. Then I hold my breath for 6 steps. Then I increase to 8 steps and repeat going as high as I can. Once I hit the highest I can go I then work my way back down to 6.

This is a challenging exercise and helps you train for altitude.

Today's run stats:

Distance: 9.39 miles

Morning: 30:15
Evening: 1:04:32

Elevation Gain:
Morning: 102 feet
Evening: 610 feet

Average Pace:
Morning: 9:29/mile
Evening: 10:25/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 60.2 miles

Photos from the Run