Walk/Run – June 8, 2020

This morning was a brisk 46 degrees when we left this morning on our walk/run. A little chilly when compared to the warm weather we've been having.

The left  glute issue is still noticeable but just slightly. I felt the left hip pain more and this concerns me. I will continue my stretching and strengthening exercises as I work with Drew my Physical Therapist on fixing this.

This afternoon I got out to aqua jog at the CMU pool. I was able to get to a point towards the end of my workout where I felt almost like I was running in the water. I was definitely moving through the water faster than I have before. It was cool to do this however I still consider aqua jogging to be mind numbingly boring.


Today's walk/run stats:

Distance: 6.09 miles

Time: 1:21:30

Elevation Gain: 125 feet

Average Pace: 13:23/mile

Distance run in the last 7 days: 14.7 miles


Today's aqua jog stats:

Distance: 817 yards

Time: 1:09:18

Pace (min/100 yd): 3:06