Walk/Run, Ride and Aqua Jog – June 14, 2020

Today I did 3 different training activities. Running, mountain biking and aqua jogging. I was able to run 5 miles today which was cool as I am slowly ramping up the mileage. I can't wait to add some elevation gain back into my runs and get back on the dirt instead of pavement.

Today's walk/run stats:

Distance: 7.75 miles

Time: 1:28:16

Elevation Gain: 161 feet

Average Pace: 11:23/mile

Distance walk/run in the last 7 days: 15.9 miles


Today's ride stats:

Distance: 8.73 miles

Time: 1:00:06

Elevation Gain: 584 feet

Average Pace: 8.7 mph


Today's aqua jog stats:

Distance: 1,300 yd.

Time: 1:00:06