Day 14 – Wednesday, July 14

July 30, 2020


Overall, a great day today, full of beautiful scenery. The day started with us covering 5.27 miles in an hour. We went by a cell tower and stopped to take and send this photo. When we reached the peak of Stoney Pass, 12,592 feet, we saw two moose, some elk, and a deer. Beautiful! Our biggest challenge today was the wind. It was windy the entire day, which gets tiring when it is pushing against you throughout the entire run. This leg of the trail run was 33.49 miles, which we completed in 13 hours and 6 minutes. We finished in the dark – again. This was our most challenging day of elevation gain, a total of 7,344 feet. As you can imagine, we are exhausted tonight, but encouraged because today was our last big 30-mile plus day!!! Now that is a cause for celebration! Tomorrow is a short run of only 20 miles, so we should get some needed rest tomorrow night. Just under 100 miles left! We can almost see the finish line from here.