Day 15 – Thursday, July 30

July 31, 2020


Despite having only a 22.38 mile run today, it was a hard day. The last 7 miles were mentally challenging. We were tired physically as well – the cumulative effect of the past 14 days is taking a toll, but we will push through to the end. We thought we were done with our 30-mile plus days but miscalculated and have a 31-mile day tomorrow. That WILL be the last one. Even though we had a tough day, we were greeted with lots of beautiful scenery – especially the last 9 miles. In one section, there were lots of downed trees from an avalanche. Running that portion of the trail was like navigating a big jungle gym of mangled trees. We finished today before dark (yea) with a trail run of only 8 hours and 45 minutes. Elevation gain was 3,602 feet with a descent of 5,085 feet. We are excited to only have 3 days left! Our feet will be thrilled to cross the finish line as they are tender in various spots. See you soon!