Day 16 – Friday, July 31

August 1, 2020


Today was a big day – 32.44 miles in 10 hours and 4 minutes. And we finished before dark! I left it all on the trail today and am exhausted. But only 41.1 miles left over the next two days to complete the trail. Our run today had an elevation gain of 5,265 feet with a descent of 5,646 feet. I felt strong all morning but struggled to get going after our lunch stop and had to reach deep. We maintained 3.2 miles per hour throughout the day. Running the trail this way provides the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views. It’s like being in a visual candy store all day. Our target is to finish on Sunday between 2-3 pm at the Junction Creek trailhead in Durango. Doug and I are excited to see everyone as we cross the finish line – so come out if you can. Almost there. This has been a test of our physical and mental endurance, but meeting and completing the challenge is rewarding. And knowing that we are helping to elevate kids along the way makes it worth the physical pain, exhaustion, and mental discipline we have faced each day. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and our cause, not just during our run, but throughout the last 18 months as we dreamed, trained, and prepared. We started 16 days and 450 miles ago in Denver. Now it’s the final push to Durango.