Day 17 – Saturday, August 1

August 1, 2020


We just complete day 17 – early! Ran 19.52 miles in 6 hours and 56 minutes. Our elevation gain was 4,186 feet, and the descent was 2,922 feet. We did get caught up in a severe hailstorm on our run but survived – thankfully. Both Doug and I are out of gas – drained – but we made decent time on today’s leg. It’s raining now – again. Happy to be snuggling into our sleeping bags to warm up, listening to the rain, and getting some much-needed rest. Tomorrow is our last day, which is very exciting. We started out together and will cross the finish line tomorrow – together! It’s been a profound experience, but I am glad that it will be over tomorrow. It has not been easy, but knowing that we didn’t give up when things got tough is quite rewarding. Thank you for following our progress each day. We look forward to seeing familiar and smiling faces as we finish tomorrow.