Day 9 – Friday, July 24

July 25, 2020


We are now halfway to the finish line! 253 miles behind us and 237 miles in front of us. We had to dig deep today as we encountered the hardest portion of our run so far. There were big, long shale fields that felt like they would never end. Also, our feet are sore today. Both of us have blisters resulting from running through yesterday’s rainstorm with wet shoes and socks. We encountered our highest amount of elevation gain yet at 6,270 feet. All of this contributed to our longest day on the trail run so far – 13 hours and 44 minutes – finally arriving at our evening’s rest spot at 11:05 pm. We are both exhausted, and Melinda’s feet are especially sore and swollen. Tomorrow will be a later start, so we can rest. We may do a shorter leg as well to get a bit more recovery time. We will see how it goes. This is when we focus on our to help elevate kids and push through to the finish line.